How does the SWFT ZIP fat-tire model perform against Super 73’s Z1?

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Max Distance +

The SWFT ZIP takes you 17 miles farther on a single charge for extra peace of mind.
37 miles
20 miles

Gear +

The ZIP’s 6 speeds allow you to switch gears and help navigate different terrains and inclines with relative ease, even when you run out of juice.
6 speed

1 speed

Battery +

The Zip’s more powerful battery tackles daunting hills and takes you farther.
46.8V 10Ah

36V 11.6Ah

Suspension +

The zip features front and rear responsive suspension for greater adaptability and maximum comfort across a variety of terrains.
Front & Rear


Sensor Type +

The ZIP’s cadence sensor responds to your pedaling speed for extra go-power, depending on the level of assistance you wish to activate. The ZIP features 3 levels of pedal assist.


Safety Lights +

The ZIP comes with a mounted headlight and taillight for safer riding day or night.
Head & Tail


Motor +

Both models feature a 500W motor - The SWFT motor powers both throttle and pedal assist, while the Z1 is limited to throttle.
500W Hub

500W Hub

Max Speed

20 mph
20 mph

Class Type +

A Class 2 e-bike designation means that the bike includes a throttle and provides motorized assistance up to 20 mph. While both the ZIP and the Z1 feature a throttle, only the ZIP includes pedal assist.
Class 2
Class 2

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