Brand Values


At SWFT, we value the power of mobility as a means of transforming lives. We believe in providing our customers with the freedom to explore, commute, and enjoy their environment in a way that is not only efficient but also exhilarating. Our products are designed to empower users, giving them control over their journeys and the ability to rediscover the joy of movement.


At SWFT, we are dedicated to creating products that not only stand out but also place the rider in the spotlight. Innovation is at the heart of our design philosophy, ensuring our vehicles are not just stylish and distinctive, but also set industry standards in safety. We prioritize delivering the safest products on the market, never compromising on quality or value. Our commitment is to provide riders with a sense of individuality and confidence, knowing they are using a product that is as safe as it is striking.


SWFT stands for making electric mobility accessible and personalized. We strive to break down barriers to electric mobility by offering affordable, high-quality products tailored to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Our goal is to create a more inclusive future where electric mobility is a viable option for everyone, enhancing urban living and contributing to a more connected community.