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SWFT believes everyone should have access to the joy of movement. That's why we designed a range of top-performing e-bikes at accessible prices, including the ZIP, our fat-tire model with an athletic high-performance frame and features to match. While most mainstream e-bikes run at least $1,500-$4000, our ZIP is priced at just $1,399, a savings of over $1,000 when compared to the Super 73-S2. But is the S2 even worth the extra thousand-dollar investment? See how these two e-bikes stack up and how ZIP outrides the competition, according to real customer reviews.

ZIP blows past the competitors every time in price and features because SWFT works directly with manufacturers to offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We’re building electric mobility for all with ZIP’s unmatched convenience, quality and style. We prioritize accessible pricing and payment plan options for high-performing bikes because everyone deserves the joy of movement.


Price The SWFT Zip comes with a far more approachable price tag than the Super73 S2, which is priced at more than double the cost.


Google Rating SWFT averages a near 5 star rating, with most customers citing the easy setup, impressive functionality, and the fun they have riding, all at a remarkably low price point.

4.8 Stars
3.8 Stars

Best Buy Rating SWFT has garnered an average 4.5-star rating on Bestbuy.com, the trusted consumer electronics retailer.

4.5 Stars
4.2 Stars

Google Reviews SWFT boasts an enthusiastic customer base, evidenced by a trove of positive, sincere and often highly-detailed Google reviews.

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Rugged and Fun EBike

“I have been riding the Zip for the last week or so and I have already logged over 20 miles with short trips and even an office commute.”

great price Point

“The performance of this bike at this price point is a great value. This bike easily gets up to 20mph, which I've found great for getting around town.”

I loved it so much, I bought 2!

“I had researched almost every e-bike on the market. For styling and cost, the ZIP seemed to be the best choice for my first purchase.”

28 Reviews
51 reviews

Best Buy Reviews SWFT e-bikes are leading the electric transportation category with the trusted consumer elec- tronics retailer.

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I’m a (36 y/o) kid again

“I feel like a big kid now I just want to wake up everyday and ride it. My 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son love it as well. Plus everyone likes the style of the bike.”

A gamble pays off

“...I decided to give it a go and i am glad i did. ... Once the battery was charged i was able to give it a try and i gotta say, I am in love.”

Worth every penny

“I have been so happy with my purchase. Ive ridden this bike for over 250 miles. It is [the] perfect trail bike and road bike.”

43 Reviews
5 reviews

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