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  1. Please charge the battery after its energy is consumed for 50% - 70% of its total energy, rather than waiting until the battery’s energy is fully consumed. Doing so ensures you extend your battery’s lifespan. Charge the battery pack to full after each long-distance ride. Do not charge the battery for a long time (in excess of 10 hours) in summer. Doing so may damage the battery.
  2. Recharge the battery once a month, even if your e-bike is in storage and not being used.
  3. The ideal charging temperature is between 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C).
  4. Battery pack might not been fully charged when temperature is over low or over high.
    When the battery is charged, its temperature may become a little higher, it is normal under the temperature of 50°C. If the charger indicator is useless when the battery is full charged or the battery is very hot (that exceeds 50°C), please come to the seller to find maintenance at once.
  5. Do not jolt the charger in the rear box if there is one box attached; and the charger should be far away from water. The impact and shake should be at the lowest  degree when the battery is moved.
  6. Each specially designed charger is provided for each battery pack. Do not use other type of charger for fear of burning out battery and causing danger.
  7. Battery storage conditions: cleanliness, coolness, dryness and airiness, temperature 0°C - 45°C. Keep away from longterm sun-exposure, fire, water-logging and mixing the battery together with corrosive substance during battery shipping and storage.
  8. Please let the key on the head of the battery case be "on" when you charge it.
  9. Please sure that there is no short-circuit in your wall socket for fear of burning out battery and causing danger.
  10. Please don’t pull out the power key when you are riding the bike forward under high speed.