In Motion: On the Road - Vol. 3: Casa Evelyne

January 23, 2023



THERE ARE THOSE IN OUR SWFT COMMUNITY THAT HOST rental properties and provide SWFT e-bikes to offer alternative ways for their guests to get around!

We love this idea! We sat down with Vincent who purchased SWFT e-bikes for his AirBnb rental in Palm Springs, Casa Evelyne. Check out what he and his guests are saying about SWFT!

SWFT: Hi, Vincent! Where is your rental property located, and what SWFT models did you acquire?
Vincent: Casa Evelyne is located in Palm Springs, CA and I have a ZIP and a FLEET for my guests to use.

Why did you choose SWFT?
SWFT offered models that were budget-friendly and seemed like they had great features for all types of riders. I chose one each for my guests to have a choice between how they wanted to get around. I was looking for an e-bike that wasn’t too tech complicated, because I didn’t think they’d be universal for my guests.

I like giving my guests options also, so I ended up choosing the FLEET, because it looked like a comfortable ride, and the ZIP, a more rugged e-bike for the rental home.


Vincent Rémis

Did you assemble both e-bikes by yourself? How did that go?
It wasn’t too bad! I was a bit nervous, since I don’t know much about assembling bikes, but the manual was very clear, and my friend and I took advantage of SWFT’s online assembly videos on their site. Each e-bike took us about 30-40 minutes to get out of the box and fully assembled.

Have you ridden both models?
My friends and I have definitely ridden both models. They’re both super comfortable. We want to get around but don’t want to exhaust ourselves pedaling in the desert heat, so we love having the throttle option on both models.

What’s your favorite thing about each?
I love the FLEET because it’s a comfortable upright ride for cruising. We use this model most when running quick errands in town, like grabbing coffee! The ZIP is a bit heavier, but it does have all-terrain tires, which is nice when we want to do some off-road riding! I love that both batteries detach from the e-bikes so we can charge easily, and that the display gives me a quick view of how fast I’m going.

Where do you ride SWFT?
Casa Evelyne is located near a huge park and a bike trail, so both the FLEET and ZIP are great ways to get around. Also, it’s only a short ride to the center of the city, and my guests like getting around easily for coffee or quick runs to the store.

That was our next question! What are your guests saying about SWFT?
They love it. The e-bikes are simple, easy to use, and everyone loves getting around without having to worry about parking!

Where do you store your SWFT e-bikes?
Casa Evelyne has a garage, so we keep them stored indoors. I’ve included a note to my guests, telling them about the e-bikes, how to charge them, and to remind them to ride safely! Everyone loves them. Riders of all ages are taking advantage of the e-bikes at Casa Evelyne.

Would you recommend SWFT to other hosts?
Absolutely. I’m from France, and everyone bikes over there. IT’s nice to see bikes coming back to the US, and the electric option lets guests get around and explore without getting too tired, and exploring is the best part of travelling!

Check out Casa Evelyne on Airbnb and see more photos on Instagram!
Check out Casa Evelyne on Airbnb and see more photos on Instagram!

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