In Motion: ON THE ROAD - VOL. 2

October 07, 2022



From urban exploration to riding country roads, Atlanta’s got it all for e-bikes!

Atlanta has leaned in to its cycling infrastructure, creating an expanding network of bike lanes, paths, trails in various neighborhoods while continuing to make cycling more accessible for its residents. It’s the perfect city for mini-adventures with your SWFT e-bike.

With a relatively flat grade, Atlanta is perfect for riders of all skill levels, and is constantly adding to their network of trails and paths. We’re excited to see where Atlanta takes their projects, but for now, check out our three favorite places to visit with your e-bike, both in the city and out of it!



Atlanta’s BeltLine has revitalized the city, connecting neighborhoods, making urban exploration more inclusive, sustainable, and accessible.

The BeltLine transforms 33 miles of disused rail tracks into walking and biking paths. Expected to complete by 2030, it’s definitely worth exploring! A SWFT e-bike or e-moped is perfect for a day of exploration. You can do the whole BeltLine on a single charge, and can go even further if you’re using your pedal-assist!

Hop on your e-bike and meet up friends at Krog Street Market or Ponce City Market to grab a quick bite to eat or do some shopping.

Riding the BeltLine is a great way to discover amazing art. Street art and murals decorate most underpasses or any space with a massive wall, and they change constantly. Check out the the walls around Virginia Ave and find your favorite!

Another BeltLine activity we love is hunting down all the installations in the Tiny Doors ATL art project. Created by Karen Anderson Singer, small 7-inch doors are scattered throughout Atlanta and are AR-enabled. Watch them open in AR when you find them. Using Instagram, search for @tinydoorsatl and tap the stars in the middle of the screen. Match the door to the screen and tap “try it!”


John F. Kennedy

escape to nature

escape to nature

If you’re looking to escape the city, the Silver Comet Trail is a lovely trail that goes as far as the Alabama border. Located only 13 miles from Atlanta, it’s perfect for a day adventure.

We recommend the nature-filled stretch between Rambo Nursery in Dallas, Georgia and Rockmart, a 14.5-mile trail that is fully paved, and has a very low 2% grade, making it ideal for cyclists of any level. With a max distance of at least 30 miles on a single charge, your SWFT e-bike will definitely get you to the end and back again.

If you want to head out further, load up your e-bike and head to Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta, about 26 miles out of Atlanta. The Big Creek Greenway is 12ft wide concrete path that takes you through the woods along Big Creek. The total length of this ride is 8 miles, but don’t rush off! There are hidden pedestrian trails for spending a full day enjoying nature, having picnics, and exploring the woods that surround Big Creek!


Keep moving and stay active while you explore with your e-bike. Pedal through trails near smaller towns that surround the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Serenbe is 30 miles outside of Atlanta, located in the Chatthoochee Hills. South of Serenbe, you’ll find Silk Sheets, a 29-mile paved bike route that takes you through rolling hills and rural roads. The on-road route is smoothly paved, making it great for riders of all experience levels.

We also recommend Rico Starr Loop, also near Serenbe, about 30 miles outside of Atlanta. This trail makes for a very relaxing ride, and you don’t have to worry about dodging traffic. Be sure you bring enough water with you on your ride, as there aren’t very many places to stop to hydrate once you leave Serenbe.

Whether you’re riding your SWFT e-bike to navigate the city, exploring nature or cruising through country roads, it’s important that you’re getting out there and staying active! Hit those trails and let us know how and where you like to ride.

Here at SWFT, we love to explore! We love to hear from our micro-mobility riders. Drop us a line on instagram and let us know where you’d like us to go in our next blog!