October 19, 2022



A conversation with SWFT’s resident bike expert on why he went electric and what changed his mind.

At SWFT, we love our products and we believe in them. We’ve even convinced hard-core bike purists to make the switch to electric. Some of our customers are new bike owners and riders, and many of them have been riding bikes for years. If you’re on the fence about why you should make the switch to electric, we’ve got the answers. SWFT sat down with Taylor, one of our e-bike specialists to hear why he made the switch when he joined our team.

SWFT: Hi, Taylor! How long have you been riding bikes?
Taylor: I have been riding bikes since I was 6 years old!

Where do you go on your regular bike rides?
It depends on the day. I try to ride at least 4 - 5 days a week. Whether I cruise to the beach or travel to Vermont. I like to ride all over. I usually ride up to 5 miles a day, and sometimes, I take longer rides, up to 100 miles round trip!

Are you taking your e-bike everywhere you would usually go with a regular bike?
I like to ride my e-bike to the beach or store, it gives me the freedom to not have to stress about parking. It’s 10x easier than driving a car, that's for sure.

Which SWFT e-bikes do you have?
I have the Zip and the Fleet!

Why did you choose SWFT?
They’re a small team of dedicated enthusiasts! They make wonderful products at a great price point, and each e-bike is loaded with just the right amount of unique features to make them special.

What do SWFT e-bikes offer you that a regular bike doesn’t?
SWFT offers the most bang for your buck in my opinion. The bikes are packed with features that would see on a product double the price.

Do you feel like you’re going further? Doing more? Seeing more on an electric bike? Please give an example.
E-Bikes open the door for endless possibilities. My fiancée and I take the bikes all over the Seacoast. Before SWFT, she would never ride bikes at all, and now we get out all the time. Whether it is a sunset ride or just a cruise to the store, or a quick coffee run, before e-bikes we would be driving our car. We’re not only saving money on gas, but we’re keeping our carbon footprint low, and staying active!

Are you still staying as active now that you have an electric motor on your bike to get you around?
I would say more active even though the bike has a motor. While I still ride my normal bikes daily, we have replaced using a car with the bikes for the most part. I am riding more than I would traditionally.

Can you store an e-bike and transport an e-bike the same way you would a regular bike? Do you take these on road trips?
The bikes are quite easy to travel with. I just remove the batteries and put the bikes on my rack. We will bring them with us for camping trips or any vacation we drive to. Our friends love getting on them and zipping around as well.

When you’re using pedal-assist, how does this compare with pedaling a regular bike?
It depends what mode you're in. I love the FLEET because if you don’t use any assist it feels like a normal bike. Pedal-assist levels 1-2 give me just a little extra kick. I use assist pedal-assist level 3 when I want to zoom around and get somewhere fast.

How often do you use the throttle?
I like to alternate between pedaling and throttle. This allows me a little bit better battery life!

How often are you riding your e-bike and recharging it?
On average I ride about 3-4 times a week. I like to charge mine after every 2 rides. This one helps with my battery overall life but makes sure I'm always ready to go!

Is upkeep and maintenance difficult? Electronic components sound like there’s added safety stuff to worry about.
The upkeep is really no different than a regular bike! Bikes do require general maintenance no matter how expensive they are. It's important to stay on top of it as it will add life to the bike itself. Not everyone is an avid rider such as myself, so head to the bike shop and let them take a peek at your bike from time to time. $60 now saves your $300 down the line.

What do you want to tell bike purists about electric bikes that they might not know?
SWFT e-bikes give you the option of pedal-assist and throttle, when you’re tired and you just need a little help from your e-bike to get to your final destination. It’s always an option to ride the old-fashioned way! Turn off all the electronics and just ride like you normally would. My SWFT e-bikes offer me the perfect hybrid between classic and modern riding!

Even a bike purist like Taylor went electric! Our models are designed to function just like the classic bikes riders love, but have been upgraded with motors and batteries to give you a little push when you need it. Make the electric switch with SWFT. Go further and explore more.

Find out more about the ZIP and the FLEET on our product pages and choose the ride that fits you best.

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