In Motion: ON THE ROAD - VOL. 1

August 24, 2022



How easily can you get around LA in a day? Navigate from downtown to the beach and beyond on your e-bike!

One of the best things about being a SWFT e-bike owner is the freedom that comes with it. Faster than walking, more easily accessible than driving and more freedom to access specific destinations than mass transit, SWFT e-mobility vehicles are your ticket to exploring entire swathes of your city!

Downtown LA to Playa del Rey

Downtown LA to Playa del Rey

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than a day at the beach, but getting out to the beach itself is where the real headache is. The two biggest pains are traffic and parking. Not only are you fighting hordes of cars all going along the same crowded highway, but once you get to the beach, parking is both limited and expensive.

Enter your SWFT e-bike!

Getting from Downtown LA to Playa del Rey, for example, is less than 20 miles. And with SWFT speeds of up to 20mph, you can be easily at the beach in well under an hour. Once you’re there, you don’t have to stress about fighting for parking!

Say you want to hit the Santa Monica pier. You can bike well under 20 miles directly to the pier, again without fighting for parking or having to walk from public transportation stations blocks away.


Robin WIlliams

Soak in Some Art at LACMA

Soak in Some Art at LACMA

The LACMA is home to some of the best and most hyped art exhibits. Finding parking is much like finding a unicorn, and you’re already paying for your entry! If you’re taking public transport, buses and side streets can be crowded. You don’t have to live in FOMO of not making it to the new McQueen exhibit, and you don’t have to mentally prepare yourself for astronomical parking fees. Your e-bike is your ticket to an easy visit.

With SWFT, your e-bike gives you more freedom. Once you’re done visiting the museum, skip the anxiety that comes with rushing to catch a bus or move your car before your parking fees rack up or you’re ticketed.

If you came on your SWFT e-bike or e-moped, leave it parked, and check out surrounding neighborhood attractions, like the Petersen Automotive Museum, or grab a bite at Tom Bergin's, fully on your schedule.

Catch a Game

Catch a Game

Do you want to catch a game in person during summer’s baseball highs or once football season rolls around?

Dodger Stadium makes for a perfect day trip, and it's designed to be a biker’s dream. The stadium itself is accessible by e-bike through every gate, and it has multiple bike racks all around it. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, e-biking saves you from road rage, parking panic and overly crowded mass transit.

In the late summer and fall, skip paying for parking! Park your SWFT e-bike for free right at SoFi Stadium. In fact, SoFi is proudly bike (and e-bike) friendly, not only having a number of bike racks but also offering a bike valet service. Instead of dealing with traffic congestion, parking lot rage, or public transportation, you can catch a game - and save money for snacks and souvenirs. Only 10 miles away from Downtown LA, SoFi stadium is super accessible, especially at SWFT’s e-bike travel range of around 32 miles on a single charge!

Here at SWFT, we love to explore! We love to hear from our micro-mobility riders. Drop us a line on instagram and let us know where you’d like us to go in our next blog!