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Your handlebars are pre-attached to the stem. Position your handlebars so that your LCD control display is located on the left when seated on the bike. Align the stem base with the handlebar stem and insert into the bike frame. Once you have adjusted the handlebar to your desired height, tighten the screw at the top of the handlebar stem to lock your handlebar in place.


To attach the handlebars evenly, position the bar’s ridging in the center of the stem. Ensure that the handlebars are positioned correctly, with the LCD control display on the left side when looking down at the bar from a seated position. Replace the top stem piece while holding the handlebar in place. Insert and firmly tighten the screws to secure. 

Adjust the LCD control display so that it is visible to the rider while seated on the bike. Tighten the screw to secure. Ensure that the front reflector is forward facing. Tighten the screw to secure. 

Adjust right and left hand brake levers to ensure they are both forward facing and comfortable to grip. Tighten each screw to secure. Pull the left hand brake lever and make sure it is controlling the front brake. Pull the right hand brake lever and make sure it is controlling the rear brake.

Locate the two cords stemming from the handlebar and the bike frame marked with red. An arrow will indicate how to connect both cords. Insert the smaller cord into the larger one by aligning both arrows.

Locate the headlight. It should be pre-attached to your frame. Ensure it is pointing forward and tighten the screw to prevent movement.