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To sound your horn, press the horn icon on the left.

Your lights are controlled by a switch on the right side. Flip the light switch to your desired setting. The three settings are headlights, safety lights, and lights off.

To switch your headlight between high and low beams, your headlights must be on. Press the green switch on the left to choose between headlight settings. When clicked down, your high beam is on. Unless otherwise necessary, you should ride your e-moped using low beams.

To activate your turn signal, pull the turn signal switch either to the left or right. To turn off your turn signal, toggle the turn signal switch in the opposite direction.

To activate your hazard lights, press the green button on the right until it clicks down. To deactivate, press the green button again.

Press your parking brake button on the right side to activate the parking brake. A red "P" will appear on your display indicating your parking brake is on. Press your parking brake button again to release the parking brake. Your LED will read "Ready." Your e-moped is now ready to ride.

If your LED display shows an error that does not allow your e-moped to function properly, press the “Emergency Assist” button on the right side. This will allow you to ride your e-moped to a safe location at a very slow speed. This feature will only work for a short distance.