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Congrats on your new ride! This assembly guide will show you how to assemble the SWFT FLEET e-bike. We recommend getting a friend to lend a hand as you go along for extra support. If you’re new to e-bikes, we recommend having a professional check your work after completing assembly. SWFT is not liable for damages that occur due to improper assembly of the bike. 

Carefully lift the bike out of the box and stand it upright in a clear working space. Remove additional bike parts and smaller boxes from inside the package and place them on the ground in your work area. You should have a box containing your battery pack and keys, and a small box containing your operation manual, quick start guide, charger, pedals and assembly tools, including three allen wrenches and a multi-purpose wrench. 

Remove additional packaging material from your bike, including protective foam, cardboard and zip ties. Now you’re ready to get started.