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Make sure all packaging material has been removed from the wheel. Loosen the nuts, washers, and wheel retainers on the front wheel axle to create space for the frame to attach. Pull the kickstand forward so your bike can remain stable while you work. Remove the protective plastic bar from the front wheel fork.



Slide the wheel into the open end of the fork between the two prongs, making sure your two teardrop-shaped wheel locks are outside of the wheel. Align and insert the prongs of your wheel locks into the fork frame. Affix a washer and nut outside of each wheel lock. The washer should be positioned between the axle nut and the wheel lock.

Center the wheel in the fork and tighten the axle nuts, alternating from one side to the other while tightening. This will help the wheel stay centered. Locate the metal latch that holds your brake cable in place. Position your brake cable in the latch and lock into place.

Lift your bike and spin your front wheel to ensure it spins smoothly and the wheel is centered. If it isn't centered, loosen the nuts on the wheel and try again. Make sure you are tightening the nuts evenly, alternating side to side.