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Your handlebars have two main parts – the bar itself that holds your hand grips and the stem, which connects your bar to your bike frame.

On some models, the stem can be adjusted to tilt the handlebar forward or backward. If your handlebar has been removed for shipping, position the bar in the center of the stem and check to ensure your grips are in the right place, and the angle of the bar is comfortable for you.

Please refer to the below diagram and steps for attaching your handlebar.

BMX handlebar diagram

  1. Tighten the center step cap located at the top of the handlebar stem. The torque between the handlebar and the upper step should be 8-10N.m.
  2. Tighten the side screws to hold the stem in place. The torque between the frame and the vertical stem should be 12-15N.m.
  3. Center your handlebar in the bracket, ensuring the angle is comfortable for you. Your cables should be arranged in front of your handlebar, and your digital display should be on your left grip.
  4. Tighten the 4 screws to hold the handlebar bracket in place, ensuring all brake and display cables are clear of the screws. We recommend tightening these screws in an X-pattern. The suggested torque is 5-6N.m.

Check that the forks and the handlebars are facing forward and straight. Stand at the front of your e-bike, squeeze the front wheel with your legs, and twist the handlebar ensuring that the front wheel is aligned with your handlebar and rear wheel. To reposition, loosen the handlebar stem side screws and twist. Tighten the side screws and replace rubber caps when aligned.