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APEX: E-bike Class Modes

The APEX is a Class 2 e-bike with a Class 3 option. Please see below how to switch between both class modes on your e-bike.


Your e-bike will come pre-programmed and set for Class 2 function. This means you will have 3 levels of pedal assist that can help you along on your ride up to 20mph, and the throttle will take you up to 20mph.


Class-3 mode will limit your throttle to 20mph, however, you it will increase your pedal-assist speed up to 28mph. 

Follow instructions below to switch your e-bike’s class mode.

Class Mode 3

  1. Press and hold the up and down arrows  [🔼] [🔽] for 3 seconds  on your e-bike’s control panel until your display shows the Programming “P0” menu as shown on the right.
  1. Continue to press the [M] button on your e-bike control until your display reads P08. This screen will set your e-bike class mode.

  2. Use the up and down arrows  [🔼] [🔽] to choose your Class level. 
The bottom number on your display shows your max speed level and class mode. 
“0020” indicates Class-2 mode, with a throttle and pedal-assist max speed of 20mph.
“0028” indicates Class-3 mode, with a max throttle of 20mph and a max pedal assist speed of 28mph.
  1. Once you have chosen your desired class mode, press and hold the up and down arrows  [🔼] [🔽] for 3 seconds on the control panel until your display returns to normal. Your e-bike is ready to ride.

Your e-bike will remember your chosen class setting if you turn your e-bike on and off. To switch your e-bike class mode again, repeat the above instructions.