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  • Stand in front of the bicycle facing rearward and hold the front wheel securely between your legs. Try to twist the handlebars and verify that they do not move. Then pull the handlebars up, trying to lift the bike. There should be no movement.
  • Try to push the front wheel from side to side and confirm that it feels tight and will not wobble. Lift the front wheel up by the handlebars and strike the wheel downward with the heel of your hand to confirm that it is securely attached to the wheel. Spin the front wheel and confirm that it does not wobble or contact the fork or brake pads.
  • Try to lift/push down on and twist the seat to confirm it is tight.
  • Inspect the connection of the pedals to the crank arm. You should not see pedal screw threads and the pedal should feel firm and be parallel to the ground. 
  • Apply your brake(s) and make sure they feel firm to the touch, and then spin the wheel(s). Apply the brakes. The brakes should stop the wheel(s).
  • Check to be sure that the fenders and accessories (if equipped) are firmly attached and will not contact any moving parts. Make sure all reflectors are in position and not broken.

Now, put on your BICYCLE SAFETY HELMET and enjoy your ride. Your safety is well worth just a minute . Also, be sure to read and follow the warnings and instructions in your manual.