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Monitor Display

Your e-bike is equipped with an LCD control display that monitors motor assist, speed, odometer, trip distance, riding time, and battery energy level. Before turning on the display, make sure the e-bike battery is charged. 


Press the power button (M) on the button selector located near the left grip on the handlebars to turn the display on. You can adjust the motor-assist power level by pressing the INCREASE PEDAL ASSIST [🔼] button or DECREASE PEDAL ASSIST [🔽] button.

The bars of the battery indicator display the amount of power remaining in the battery. The more bars that are displayed, the more battery power available. When not riding the bike, you can turn off the display by holding down the power button (M) for several seconds.


When first riding your e-bike, you will notice that when the pedal assist function is activated, the motor will supply power when you pedal forward.

In pedal assist level 1 , you will activate assistance measuring around 20% motor power. In level 3, you will activate assistance utilizing 100% of the motor’s power. When the monitor display is powered off, the bicycle will operate without motor assistance. The assistance level will reset when the bike and monitor are powered off. 

Experiment with the different levels of pedal assist to become familiar with how much power you want. You will need different levels of assistance for different riding conditions.


When the e-bike is not used for 5 consecutive minutes, the LCD control display and power supply will shut off automatically.


Apex Monitor Display

  1. Battery Life Indicator
  2. Speed
  3. MODE: Pedal Assist Level
  4. ODO: Odometer
  5. Distance
  6. KM / Kilometers
  7. MILE
  8. TRIP: Single Trip Distance
  9. Error Code
  10. Cruise Control
  11. Headlight Status
  12. Walk-Assist On/Off
  13. Single Trip Riding Distance