Influencer & Affiliates

Thank you for your interest! We work closely with our influencers and content creator partners. We have 2 main programs for our partners.


Do you have your own website? Are you a media publication? Do you have your own shopping platform? Would you like to start your own campaign for SWFT products?

Apply for our Affiliates Program and earn commissions. Please see here for more information.

If your company hosts direct-to-consumer sales directly through Shopify, and you would like SWFT to host your products, please contact us here for more information.


If you produce and publish original content like videos, blogs, podcasts and articles, we’d love to partner with you! SWFT is interested in working with content creators in the bike world and cross-industry!

Do you have a following on social media? Do you make YouTube, Instagram or TikTok content? Are you active in the cycling or e-cycling world? If yes, we’d love to send you a model from our line. apply below for ways for us to work together.

Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and submit a complete application the first time. If you submit again, we may not be notified.