Find Your Ride Quiz

We all wish to see a happier planet with happier humans. The good news is you’re in the driver's seat and how you choose to get around can have a substantial impact on reducing air pollution as well as your personal well-being.

Are you ready to take charge? Answer the following questions to test your transportation knowledge and learn about the impact you can make - you might be surprised.


Question 1: 50% of trips are ____ miles or less.

Correct Answer:
C: 3 miles

Question 2: Choosing a bike over a car just once a day reduces an average citizen’s carbon emissions from transport by:

Correct Answer:
D: 67%

Question 3: If ____% of the population were to replace one car trip each day with a bike trip, overall transportation emissions would be expected to decrease by about 10%.

Correct Answer:
A: 10%

Question 4: Which category produces the largest share of annual carbon emissions?

Correct Answer:
D: Transportation

Question 5: According to the EPA, in 2019 transportation produced how much CO2?

Correct Answer:
A: 6,558 million metric tons

Question 6: At 7%, which American city boasts the highest percentage of commuters who bike to work?

Correct Answer:
D: Portland, OR

Question 7: Which American city is considered the most bike-friendly according to metrics like weather, protected bike lanes, and income?

Correct Answer:
A: San Francisco, CA

Question 8: What percentage of Americans live in urban areas (where most biking infrastructure is found)?

Correct Answer:
D: 83%

Question 9: Which city has the most protected bike lanes?

Correct Answer:
C: New York, NY

Question 10: People who bike to work

Correct Answer:
E: All of the above

Question 11: When considering factors like sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and charging, the CO2 emissions footprint of an e-bike for its lifetime is about ___ percent of the average car.

Correct Answer:
A: .09%