FAQ - Volt

One of our driving principles at SWFT is accessibility, especially when it comes to cost. While most mainstream e-bikes cost between $1,500 and $4,000, our e-bike models begin at just $999 and our e-moped is competitively priced at $1,999. We’ve even partnered with Klarna to offer a monthly payment plan that lets you pay in installments over time.

E-bikes have many components and each year’s technology brings new features and advances to keep track of. We want to simplify the search process so you can shop with confidence. Read on to learn about important features to consider when purchasing an e-bike:


  • Where do you ride? The VOLT’s road tires are aerodynamic for fast everyday commuting while the FLEET’s beach cruiser tires offer more cushion and traction for a more comfortable, laid back ride. The ZIP features even thicker tires with substantial tread for riding on or off the road. 

  • Max speed is an important factor to consider depending on your needs, comfort level, and state regulations. Our throttle and pedal assist features power your ride up to 19.8 mph.

  • Also referred to as speeds (i.e. 3-speed bicycle), gears allow you to change the ease with which you pedal depending on the incline or terrain. For example a steep incline may require easier pedaling and thus a lower gear, while pedaling downhill may require a more resistant pedal and thus a higher gear so that your pedaling actually helps propel you forward and in addition to gravity.  You might opt for a bike with several gears versus a single-speed bike, depending on your needs, but bear in mind that additional gears add weight to your bicycle. Because our bikes are electric, we’ve included features like a throttle and pedal assist to minimize the effort required to ride, in lieu of multiple gears. Our ZIP bike however does include 6 gears for a variety of inclines and terrains. 

  • Batteries are important to consider for the longevity of your bicycle. Our e-bike batteries have a 600-cycle lifespan and have been tested to meet UL2271 standards to optimize performance.

  • This refers to the maximum distance your e-bike will travel while employing the throttle at medium capacity on a fully charged battery before charging is required. Check below for each bike’s max range* on a single charge. 
    • VOLT E-bike: 32 mile max range
    • FLEET E-bike: 37.2 mile max range 
    • ZIP E-bike: 37 mile max range 
  • * Varies slightly depending on rider weight. 

  • Some e-bikes are equipped with a throttle, a mechanism that powers the motor with a twist on the handlebar. In addition to pedal assist, all SWFT e-bikes feature a throttle which you can use in tandem with the pedal-assist, or on its own without pedaling. 

  • Most e-bikes are equipped with pedal assist, an operating mode that activates the motor when you pedal to give your ride an electric-powered boost. Some e-bikes forgo pedal assist in favor of a throttle. All SWFT e-bikes feature both a throttle and pedal assist so you can choose how to power your ride, or activate both simultaneously for extra motor power.  


  • Bike weight is a factor to consider depending on how you will store and transport your e-bike. Electric bikes tend to be heavier than traditional bikes due to the added motor, battery and other features. We’ve developed our SWFT e-bikes to optimize performance and minimize weight, with each model falling below the average weight of its respective category. 
    • VOLT: 44.1 lbs
    • FLEET: 50.7 lbs
    • ZIP: 66.1 lbs

  • E-bikes are typically designated as Class 1, 2, or 3, according to available features and maximum speed. SWFT e-bikes fall under the Class 2 category meaning they feature both pedal assist and throttle with a maximum assisted speed of 19.8 mph. 
  • SEAT

  • Seat type is important to consider depending on what type of ride you are looking for. The VOLT features an aerodynamic seat for a faster, more athletic ride while the FLEET is equipped with a wider, more cushioned seat for a laid back and comfortable ride. Our VOLT model features an elongated motorcycle style seat for stability, comfort, and extra room.

Each of our e-bikes works for a range of rider heights and the FLEET and ZIP e-bikes feature adjustable seat posts. See below to determine which e-bike is best for you. 

  • FLEET—best for riders between 5’7” - 6’2”. See more height and fit details for the FLEET here
  • ZIP—best for riders 5’5” and up. See more height and fit details for the ZIP here
  • VOLT— best for riders 5’9” and up. See more height and fit details for the VOLT here.

The weight limit of each SWFT e-bike model is as follows:

  • VOLT: 220 lbs
  • FLEET: 265 lbs
  • ZIP: 265 lbs

Proper care will optimize the life and performance of your battery. Please refer to the ‘Battery Care & Maintenance’ portion of your user manual or online under your bike’s Assembly Guide section, linked below.