FAQ - StayCool

All SWFT e-scooters come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that includes the replacement of any items in the original purchase due to manufacturing defects including the e-scooter itself, the charger, and the operations manual.
Each of our e-scooters arrives fully assembled and folded for packing. The SWFT Phoenix comes with an optional cup holder. This is easily attached directly onto the e-scooter stem using 4 small screws and a standard screwdriver. If you require any assistance, reach out to our customer service team and they will be happy to help.

Our e-scooters are not waterproof, however, they are water-resistant. Exposure to small amounts of water, like splashes, and small puddles are OK, but you should avoid extended water exposure and downpours in order to protect the electric components.

Yes! All of our e-scooters are UL2272 listed, and our wall chargers are UL listed.

SWFT e-scooters are recommended for adults and teens ages 15 and up.