FAQ - Fleet

While the power to pedal on your own is unlimited with our e-bikes, they each feature powerful motors and rechargeable batteries to take you far on just a single charge. The pedal-assist operating mode activates the motor as you pedal and works with the throttle functions to give your ride an electric-powered boost so movement feels super smooth and near effortless.

While each of our e-bikes includes throttle and pedal assist functions and is well-suited for a work commute, the best fit for you depends on your needs and the type of ride you are looking for. 

  • MAXX: Our MAXX e-moped offers a smooth and comfortable ride whether you’re maneuvering through downtown traffic or cruising country roads with ample safety features like turn signals, high beam and dipped headlights, rearview mirrors, a horn and built-in alarm. The MAXX offers a compact ride relative to standard electric mopeds. The step-through style works for a wider range of rider heights beginning at 5’2”, and the sizable seat allows for an extra passenger and a storage compartment.  

  • VOLT: For those in search of a faster, more aerodynamic bike ride, the lightweight VOLT makes it easier than ever to traverse town, the ‘burbs, or wherever you call home. It has a lighter frame and thinner faster wheels designed for paved roads. While riders always have the option to forgo motor power on any of our bike models, the VOLT is ideal for the bike enthusiast with intentions of mixed-use riding (both motor-powered and traditional) because of the lightweight and athletic frame. However, it also works for anyone in search of a traditional road bike with added motor power. 

  • FLEET: The FLEET works well for a more laid back and comfortable commute and is suited for a variety of terrains. It features thicker wider tires and a plush saddle with a more upright riding position for added comfort and increased shock absorption. The FLEET is best suited for riders 5’7” and up. 

  • ZIP: The ZIP is distinguished by an elongated motorcycle style seat, high-tread fat tires, and extra shock absorption, working well for everything from extra comfortable road commutes to off-road adventures. The ZIP also features 6-speeds for extra versatility on every incline and is best for riders 5’5” and up. 

Pedal assist is an operating mode that activates the motor when you pedal to give your ride an electric-powered boost. All SWFT e-bikes feature 3 levels of pedal assist in addition to throttle function to power your ride.

Each of our e-bikes works for a range of rider heights and the FLEET and ZIP e-bikes feature adjustable seat posts. See below to determine which e-bike is best for you. 

  • FLEET—best for riders between 5’7” - 6’2”. See more height and fit details for the FLEET here
  • ZIP—best for riders 5’5” and up. See more height and fit details for the ZIP here
  • VOLT— best for riders 5’9” and up. See more height and fit details for the VOLT here.

Our warranties cover your SWFT E-Bike purchase against manufacturing defects. Just register your bike and read the details below:

  • Frame: 24 months 
  • Battery: 12 months 
  • Electric Motor: 12 months 
  • Charger/Controller: 12 months 
  • Other Electric Parts: 24 months 

This warranty covers manufacturer defects and normal use only. It does not cover the product due to rider misuse, neglect, accident or improper servicing. Any attempt of repair done by the consumer (other than tires and normal adjustments) will void the warranty.